Here you can discover all our traditional Czech beers. Our brands STAROPILSEN; STAROPLZEŇ, ČESKÁ KORUNA, ZLATÁ PRAHA, KRÁL, ZLATÁ PRAHA LAGER are brewed following the original Czech technolgy. For more information about each brand, just follow the link. You can contact us at office@staropilsen.cz


ZLATÁ PRAHA LAGER 4,7 %Original Czech premium lager: Gold-colored beer with thick, compact foam, known for its medium, rounded fullness and stronger fuller body. View more


Staropilsen 500ml can Original Czech premium lager: well balanced, full bodied and highly drinkable. The smooth taste of our Premium Lager always offers the pleasure of the genuine Czech beer. …View more

KRÁL LAGER 4,6% alc.

Kral Lager 500ml can Original Czech premium lager: This light lager is a beer with a balanced bitter taste in harmony with its tasty fullness, hop aroma and rich foam. Perfect to relax with after the work day. … View more

KRÁL PILS 4,1% alc.

Kral Pils 500ml can Blond pils: medium up to deep fermented beer with medium fullness, soft bitterness, medium relish, fresh taste and aroma. Whenever you need a refreshment. …View more

ČESKÁ KORUNA 4,1% alc.

ČESKÁ KORUNA 500ml can Blond pils: Light beer with fine yeast that brings you full and delicious yeast taste. This beer is characterized by pleasant bitterness, distinct pungency, with fine hop aroma and rich foam. …View more

ZLATÁ PRAHA 4,1% alc.

ZLATÁ PRAHA 500ml can Blond pils: The beer for everyone. This beer has lower alcohol content and is characterized by its delicate taste. It is great as a refreshment during the day. …View more

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